The Mediation Specialists’ new website gives you direct access to your mediator of choice.

In an era where mediation is being increasingly promoted by the judiciary and Ministry of Justice alike, we know that informed decisions about the suitability, or not, of mediation to specific cases has never been more essential to lawyers and their clients alike. Since the launch of our original website in 2010, The Mediation Specialists continues to offer an extensive range of support. Our team of mediators specialize in civil & commercial mediation, contested trusts and probate mediation, workplace mediation, workplace consultancy, family mediation services and dispute resolution training for the legal and managerial sectors. With decades of experience behind us, and many of us trained as litigation lawyers, we appreciate that it is important for legal representatives and their clients to maintain full control over all dispute resolution choices when considering how to best manage, and ultimately resolve, a conflict successfully.

With this in mind, our new website is designed to give our clients direct access to our mediators for initial discussions over the suitability of mediation. Direct access to our mediator’s knowledge and experience enables the full exploration of all dispute resolution options, of which mediation is only one. Simply complete the contact form on a selected mediator’s profile page and request a confidential, no obligation, conversation with your mediator of choice. We know that, ultimately, the right outcome for your case is always whatever you deem to be the right decision for you. As neutrals, we are committed to providing you with the best possible support we can as you navigate your path to progress.


Judith Hogarth

Faiza Alleg Dolivet

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Byron Tyson

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Helen Johnson

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Tim Carter

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