Peace building on the front line-the work of Concordis International

The Civil Mediation Council annual conference, held on 15th and 16th November 2023 was, as ever, packed with great speakers and content. Talks ranged from what to expect post Halsey and the future integration of mediation in to the court process, neurodiversity in mediation, the possibilities of restorative schools and learning from mediating between armed groups. The latter presentation was given by Peter Marsden, CEO of Concordis International. Concordis is  a charity with its origins in the “Newick Park Initiative” which, through a process of ten conferences and dialogues at Newick Park, enabled the ANC and the white government in South Africa to engage in the essential dialogue necessary to ultimately end apartheid in South Africa.  Concordis International are currently focussed on peacebuilding in border regions between Southern and Northern Sudan, in Mauritania and The Central African Republic. It is vital to provide support to peacebuilders working on the real front line of world affairs and The Mediation Specialists will be investigating how we may be able to provide assistance moving forwards.

Judith Hogarth

Faiza Alleg Dolivet

Elizabeth Bilton

Byron Tyson

Kevin Smyth

Neil Boothroyd

Ann Allen Encontre

Helen Johnson

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Tim Carter

Sheila Gooderham