Changes to Family Procedure Rules-the need for more early mediation and dispute resolution

This years’ changes to Practice Direction 3A of the Family Procedure Rules should, we hope, make a difference in persuading more family law litigators and their lawyers to seek alternative ways to resolve family disputes other than the lengthy and costly route of litigation with all the stress and uncertainty that going to court involves for families and children.

The impact on children of delay in family proceedings  is stark according to Ministry of Justice figures published recently and reported in The Law Society Gazette today. The Law Society will be urging the new government after next week’s election to restore legal aid for early advice  given figures show that 20,935 children were involved in private law applications between January and March 2024 and a total of 103,676 children were affected by both public and private law court applications during 2023. The psychological impact of disputes on children is mitigated by the swift resolution available through mediation. When parents successfully engage in mediation it increases the chances of cooperative future parenting in future years in my many years of experience of mediating family law cases.

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