Elizabeth Bilton

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I offer hybrid mediation for Solicitors representing separating clients to assist resolve:

  • interim and long-term arrangements for family finances, 
  • living arrangements and parental planning for their children’s routines.
  • Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM).

My role is to provide impartial and relevant information as well as practical strategies. In order to facilitate this, I offer a calm environment through professional boundaries to facilitate sensitive, safe and practical discussions enabling practical outcomes to be forged, bespoke to their family situation.

I provide a range of online /Zoom and in person mediation services.  These can be either Face to Face or Shuttle. In the latter, participants do not see or hear each other.  

I am a FMC All Issues Accredited Mediator authorised to conduct MIAMS (Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings) required prior to the issuing of family court proceedings.

I help families deal with complex financial and logistical arrangements surrounding a settlement or future often involving: –

  • The family home – current and future options to retain or planning future accommodation
  • Commercial property or Buy to Let portfolios
  • Business Interests (partnerships companies [family or non- relative])
  • Debt, borrowing and the importance of taxation burden,
  • Investment Portfolios, Trusts, TOLATA (trusts for land where parties are not married, or are not in a relationship)
  • Pensions from different providers.  Valuing income / capital division for either Pension Sharing or Offsetting.
  • The use of Experts including Lawyers, IFA, Independent Financial Neutrals, Actuaries and Valuers.
  • Evolving analysis on current and changing Income and capital need.

 Parties engaged in mediation often parties need to understand and explore the legal scenery in which they find themselves, my role is to help them understand their options, but also the strategies which may assist in moving matters forward to the point where they, through representatives may achieve the closure or set of boundaries necessary for the future. 

I help address / navigate the more emotional aspects flowing from a separation, I will sign post to other services providing support, advice or services relevant to their situation.

I work with parties, who often have, very different levels of understanding, or confidence, or are at very different stages in the process of separating, in addressing the  issues  and conflicts arising from separation.  

I am an impartial facilitator, I provide information which enables decisions to be reached on an informed basis, in a time critical manner supported by their legal team.

Ensuring parties can make their own informed decisions, whilst having the support of legal representatives, ensures outcomes are robust, practical.

Outcomes achieved in Mediation are concluded in much shorter time scale than in court (a matter of weeks or using the Hybrid model in a day with the support of legal representatives) it involves “reality testing” proposals confirming and refining them to ensure they are fit for purpose.  

Hybrid mediation can provide a streamlined and cost-effective mediation process for parties which is designed to be speedier and less expensive than court.  

Hybrid mediation can reduce the emotional physical and financial impact on all those connected with the mediation.

Mediation involving children often involves parents and also extended family.  Issues may relate to: –

  • Where children share their time and when and with whom.
  • Routines for pre-schoolers- children in primary and secondary school through to further education
  • Health care arrangements special needs or requirements
  • Choice of educational setting / funding 
  • School holiday arrangements- often challenging for working/ shift parents 
  • Family holidays – duration, bookings, travel, passports, venue etc. 
  • Financial support
  • Practical arrangements – logistics, career, care juggling and other children’s needs etc.
  • Adult concerns, boundaries and expectations of themselves as parents and also in respect of children’s care.
  • The wishes and feelings if the children in accordance with their age and maturity [assumed now for those 10yrs and over]
  • Extended relatives and new partners.


Knowing when the involvement of an expert is needed to progress a mediation, having experience in locating suitable experts, and facilitating their expertise to resolve thorny issues is important.  There are times when the use of experts adds huge value and avoids escalating costs and delay in reaching the acceptable outcome.   the use of, and help parties access other experts, likely to add value in resolving areas of dispute.  

Experts are often used for valuations of properties, businesses, investment portfolios, Actuaries, Independent Financial Neutrals (who are PODE) and others with therapeutic and Counselling backgrounds.

Hybrid mediation will allow for the potential use/involvement of experts to be identified and engaged at at the outset, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome, whilst minimising potential delay and cost.

Mentoring- Private Practise Consultant (PPC)

As a PPC I am available to support and mentor other mediators working under the Family Mediation Council Code of Conduct.

Background – Mediation Training

I trained with Resolution as an All-Issues Mediator in 1997. Midlands Mediation was established in 1998 and have held a Legal Aid Contract since 1999.

I offer private and publicly funded mediation and also offer mediations funded through the MOJ voucher scheme.

2002 – I trained to include Direct Child Consultation.  This is now often referred to as “Child Inclusive “Mediation, enabling parents to involve and incorporate the Wishes and Feelings of their children into their decision-making process, where appropriate and encouraging the “Voice of the Child”.

2010 – I became a Professional Practice Consultant for other family mediators seeking mentoring and experience in the field of family mediation.  I provide co- mediation facilities and also observe and mentor.

2012 – I qualified with ADRG as a Civil and Commercial mediator.  My experience has been predominantly TOLATA cases and other financially related issues involving parties/ third party interests falling outside the family jurisdiction.

2016 – I added to the scope of mediations by qualifying as a Workplace Mediator and undertake pre and post grievance mediation, involving employers, managers, employees and team dynamics.

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