Best training day

Without a doubt it was one of the best training days I have ever attended

The quality of presentation was impressive

The quality of presentation (including slides and work materials) and depth of knowledge from both presenters was impressive and kept me engaged throughout the whole day

Thank you

The aim was to understand the ethos of good practice, not how to follow the (employer’s) policies. As a newly appointed manager I find [this] especially refreshing. Thank you.

Progress is generally much better

An important factor is the cost of mediation which is much lower than that incurred in litigation. This is partly because it is shared by both of us, but also because progress is generally much better.

The benefits are enormous

I think it should be law that x sessions of mediation are attempted before resorting to the courts. The benefits are enormous in other areas in addition to the core Ancillary Relief. Our working relationship and trust over the coming years is equally important as the simple matter of a negotiated settlement

The improvement Sheila has made to our relationship has been enormous

The improvement Sheila has made to X’s and my relationship has been enormous. In the early part of the mediation we discussed painful matters relating to the separation; reasons why, fears, sorrow and anger. Emerging from 2 years of litigation, this was an incredible and important move forward. It would not have happened without mediation”

Happy Christmas Sheila

Happy Christmas Sheila. Never got chance to say thanks for everything you did for me. But thank you. You are amazing. Hope Santa brings you everything you want…I honestly don’t think I’d have been able to do this without your great help. Never forget you do a fantastic job. Smile emoji. Thank you

Judith Hogarth

Faiza Alleg Dolivet

Elizabeth Bilton

Byron Tyson

Kevin Smyth

Neil Boothroyd

Ann Allen Encontre

Helen Johnson

Appointment service required:

Tim Carter

Sheila Gooderham