"Change is the end result of all true learning"Leo Buscaglia

Dispute Resolution Training & Consultancy

Our dispute resolution training and consultancy programme provides dispute resolution legal and mediation professionals with an enhanced understanding of and insight into conflict management that goes beyond the standard legal and mediation training. 

Training for lawyers, mediators and people managers

By way of continuing professional development, we offer training that can be tailored to your needs. Our training programme includes;

  • Why we all behave the way we do: A one day programme which explains the neuroscience which underpins conflict and its inter-relationship with a sense of fear and threat and how an understanding of a client’s perception of fear can alleviate and mitigate conflict both in a legal and mediation setting.
  • Handling ‘High Conflict Personalities’ and entrenched conflict: A one day programme which focusses on the patterns of behaviour which are indicative of the most complex and challenging personality types that a lawyer and/or mediator may face in practice. This course provides a toolkit of strategies that can assist managing challenging behaviour and self-care.
  • Preparing to mediate – training for lawyers. A half day training for lawyers on what to expect when attending a mediation and how to make the best use of the mediation process and the mediation day to help your client to reach the best possible settlement. 
  • Preparing to mediate – training for HR and managers. A half day training for workplace management and commissioning organizations on what to expect from mediation and how to make the best use of the mediation process.

Professional Practice Consultancy for mediators

We know that high standards of professional practice consultancy is crucial to successful and sustainable mediation. It is important to select a PPC who has received good mediation training and has extensive mediation experience. The ideal PPC should be committed to ongoing professional development and training within their own mediation practice and to provide support and opportunities for their mediators to grow and develop. If your PPC is focused on excellence, you will naturally benefit from the cascade of their knowledge and experience into your own practice. A good PPC will assist you to understand the impact of your actions in any given mediation situation. Through feedback on cases to your PPC, you are able to reflect on and observe your own style and manner of practice, what went well and what can be improved upon, and adjust and improve your practice accordingly. If you want your practice to thrive and meet the challenges presented by mediating clients in the most effective way, you need sound support in place to assist you. 

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