"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place"George Bernard Shaw

Workplace Mediation & Consultancy

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Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation is the right solution in tough times

Mediation is a swift and cost-effective process for resolving workplace disputes. With the intervention of an impartial mediator who facilitates a conversation between those in dispute, solutions can be reached in as little as one day. Mediation is successful in resolving 80% of disputes. At best, relationships are repaired and even improved. At worst, mediation provides the commissioning organization with clarity where relationships are unsalvageable and damaging to business interests.

“Workplace mediation makes sound commercial sense.”

Our workplace mediators have the breadth of experience to assist you in any workplace dispute. They are experienced in the facilitation of dialogue between individuals, teams, professional groups and management, up to and including board level, in both the public and private sectors. They can work as a team or independently depending on your unique needs. We regularly resolve employment disputes where there are entrenched positions, long term sick leave, and/or grievance and disciplinary procedures being undertaken. We can achieve success where previous interventions, including mediation, have failed.

The Benefits of Workplace Mediation

Commercial mediation can be used effectively in almost any scenario.

“We are expert neutrals who establish confidentiality and trust.”

There are significant advantages to seeking assistance from specialists outside your company or organization. Confidentiality can be maintained as the mediator has no previous internal history or involvement with the business or organization. The mediator is perceived by all involved in the dispute as an impartial neutral and trust can be established. The potent combination of impartiality and trust allows all parties involved in the dispute to honestly and creatively assess their positions which provides the best opportunity for constructive and positive outcomes. All participants feel empowered by active participation in the resolution of a dispute. This provides a sound platform upon which those involved can use the experience of mediation as a positive learning opportunity. This can be highly beneficial to the development of the company or organization and prevent similar disputes arising in the future.

“We can provide ongoing support and get to know your business.”

At the end of mediation, our mediators can provide an objective overview and insight into organizational dynamics and company culture which may be affecting internal relations and commercial success. An investigatory review on why, when and how disputes arose and ways to avoid similar conflicts arising in the future can be essential for personnel development. Our mediators can also advise on how to have those difficult conversations, which are often avoided, and provide training in the effective techniques and skills which can be utilized in-house.

“The high cost of stress induced sick leave – we offer specialist support.”

Stress induced sick leave is a high cost to the economy and business generally, at a time when competition has never been greater. Research by mental health charity, MIND indicates that 19% of workers call in sick due to workplace pressures. Although 93% of employees say that they have lied as to the real reason for their absence, 70% indicated that they would have preferred to discuss their stress levels with their employers, and 33% would have preferred to have been approached by their managers and been offered support when they began to show signs of stress. We can provide you with the practical support to reduce stress related absence from work.

What do I do next?

You can select a mediator from our TEAMS and make contact to discuss your needs.

Please CONTACT us, if you and the other party needing mediation services are unable to agree on a mediator and you both need us to appoint a mediator from our team on your behalf. Some information about our “Appointment Service” can be found HERE

Workplace Consultancy

Promoting productive workplace relationships

Effectiveness and success in any business or organizational structure requires cohesive and positive working relationships. Low level dysfunction, disputes or overt conflict between individuals and teams detracts from an organization’s ability to operate productively and achieve its aims.

Every organization faces the challenge of managing relationships. The organization always contains the insight and potential to optimally manage relationships and find solutions to disputes. The best answers to challenges are always found within.

Workplace dispute resolution consultancy offers a variety of tailored support to assist you to identify the best solutions for your business, address relationship challenges and overcome obstacles and resistance to change. This can be as simple as empowering individuals to resolve their own disputes through mediation or as complex as assisting organizations manage the significant changes associated with restructuring or implementing government policies.

We set out below a list of some of our current consultancy services. If you would like to discuss your needs and how we may be able to assist you, please contact us.

Workplace consultancy following mediation

Disputes in the workplace rarely happen in isolation. This “ripple out effect” of a dispute between individuals means that others in the team are often affected. Alternatively, the “ripple in effect” occurs where the dispute focus is between individuals but is the symptom of long-term issues within the team.

Our workplace mediators are skilled consultants in the management of working relationships beyond the individuals involved in the initial mediation. 

Our first priority is to understand your needs for your organization or team. In our discussions with you, we will highlight when or how we consider work with the wider team would prove useful. We know that a tailored workplace consultancy programme optimizes the impact of mediation and improves team performance.

Specialist workplace consultancy services

Our mediators are specialists in their fields and can offer a wide range of tailored consultancy programmes a number of which are outlined below.

Creating team synergy

This programme identifies and provides specific support to increase personal responsibility and accountability. In this way, team functioning can be improved at both individual and group level. Existing team disruption, polarity and emotional fallout arising from an ongoing or past dispute are addressed creating an opportunity for a fresh start with renewed healthy working relationships which positively harnesses productive team dynamics.

Managing challenging conversations

"35% of managers would rather parachute jump for the first time than address a problem with their team at work."

By providing a communication toolkit, this programme encourages and supports managers to have the confidence to use low-key intervention strategies early and proactively address problems when they arise. Early intervention prevents issues escalating, reduces conflict and its impact on productivity and increases collaboration. Particular attention is paid to managing difficult conversations.

Reducing workplace absenteeism

Tailored to your organization’s attendance data and absentee issues, this programme will identify practical steps you can take to improve your short and long term absentee rates, reduce conflict and increase workplace productivity and well-being.

Attendance management best practice

This programme is specifically designed for HR professionals. Its aim is to ensure that attendees are equipped to provide their manager colleagues with advice that is robust, consistent and appropriately focused on risk management, conflict resolution and employment law issues. This can be tailored to take account of existing policies and procedures and highlight where revisions may be beneficial.

Other attendance and occupational health related services

We can offer a range of other attendance and occupational health related services.

Other attendance and occupational health related services

We can provide you with tailored support and insight into how to manage the process of change to maintain performance whilst managing the expectations and concerns of the workforce.

Recent workplace consultancy, training and facilitation:

  • Collaboration and cultural change – a strategic-level two-hour workshop for kick-starting cultural change.
  • Great managers – An opportunity for managers to shift everyday interactions that are crucial in nipping conflict in the bud, improving well-being, motivation, morale and productivity. A two-day programme.
  • Employment law essentials for managers – helping managers navigate the trickier aspects of employing people, including managing legal risk, understanding organizational policies and procedures and key aspects of employment law. A two-day programme,
  • Confident Leader Conversations – for new or recently appointed leaders, building their confidence and competence in managing people effectively. A two-day programme.
  • Strengthening emotional well-being in the workplace:
    • for all employees – the building blocks of emotional well-being. A one-day programme.
    • for managers – their role and responsibilities in supporting the emotional well-being of those in their span of authority. A one-day programme.
  • Respect in the workplace – delivering on promises to be an inclusive, respectful workplace – half day workshops for all staff to one-day workshops for senior managers. 
  • Employment Law updates – online ‘breakfast briefings’ for those who need to stay up-to-date.
  • Consistency in managing workplace legal risk – for HR professionals and senior managers. A one-day workshop: Managers often complain they get different answers to questions depending on who they ask for advice in their HR department. This workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on why this happens, and where appropriate to reset.
  • Handling workplace investigations competently – for managers expected to take on this role, a practical and confidence building two-day workshop.

What do I do next?

Please CONTACT us, and we will provide you with a free telephone consultation to discuss how we can assist you.

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