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Family Mediation

Why choose The Mediation Specialists?

A highly effective form of dispute resolution, mediation has an 80% success rate and is the preferred option for most disputants who wish to avoid protracted litigation through the courts. However, most family mediation has traditionally been conducted over a series of meetings over many months and excludes lawyers from the process which can cause difficulties.

Our mediators, with decades of mediation and family law experience behind them, know that reaching a mediated solution in just one day is the best possible outcome for many family disputes saving time, money and emotional energy better deployed in creating a new future. 

All our mediators are trained to use the one-day mediation model which is standard practice in civil & commercial disputes. In the one-day mediation model, both participants are accompanied by their lawyers and therefore have the benefit and reassurance of legal support and advice at all times during the mediation process.

“We work with your lawyers to achieve the most beneficial outcome for you.”

How does the one-day mediation process work?

Mediation can take place in person or online. Either way the process of one-day mediation is largely the same.

Before mediation starts the mediator will speak to both mediation participants individually and to their respective lawyers, explain the mediation process, address any concerns and agree the date for mediation to take place. Both participants will sign the agreement to mediate and a schedule of pre-mediation action required will then be organized by the mediator. This schedule usually contains the dates for the exchange of documents and information which will be needed to be seen in advance of the mediation day.

On the mediation day, if both participants agree, there may be an initial joint meeting chaired by the mediator, with both participants and their lawyers present and the lawyers will set out their respective clients’ positions, aims and wishes. After the joint meeting, both participants spend most of the day in separate (online or real) rooms and the mediator shuttles between the rooms supporting negotiations and enabling and establishing common ground until ultimately a solution is reached. If both participants agree, there may be a further joint meeting if it is thought that this will be helpful, but the format of the mediation process is crafted by the mediator on the day and is dependent on the wishes and needs of both participants.

“We will provide a service unique to your specific needs.”

During the mediation day, the mediator works with both participants and their lawyers individually to craft a settlement that meets both participants’ needs. Problem solving through mediation is highly productive and allows everyone to maintain control over the outcome rather than abdicating responsibility and control to a judge. In this way, bespoke solutions that best fit the participants’ unique circumstances are possible and issues can be addressed with sensitivity with a view to the participants’ medium- and long-term future relationship.

At the end of the day, when a settlement is achieved, the lawyers for both participants draft the settlement agreement together and the participants sign the document before departing. To formally conclude matters, if necessary, the signed document can then be submitted to court as an order made by consent by the lawyers without the need for anyone to attend court.

“In tough times, mediation is a wise and positive choice for families.”

What do I do next?

You can select a mediator from our TEAMS and make contact to discuss your needs.

Please CONTACT us, if you and the other party needing mediation services are unable to agree on a mediator and you both need us to appoint a mediator from our team on your behalf. Some information about our “Appointment Service” can be found HERE

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